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Which one is the glider?

It's hard to tell --

Rolling down the road, it's difficult to spot any differences between a Freightlier Glider and a new Freightliner truck. A Glider kit comes to you as a brand-new, complete assembly that includes the frame, cab, steer axle and wheels, plus a long list of standard equipment. Every Glider also comes with a loose parts box containing up to 160 parts -- everything you need to get rolling.

A freightliner Glider is a smart choice.

the next best thing to a new truck

Designed, engineered and assembled alongside new Freightliner trucks, a Glider gives you everything a new truck offers except for two of the three main driveline components (engine, transmission and rear axle). You can either recapitalize any of these from your existing unit, or spec a factory-installed remanufactured engine or new rear axle.

Backed by a new truck warranty

Unlike a used truck, every factory-installed component on a Glider is covered by Freightliner's New Truck Warranty. This gives you peace of mind knowing your vehicle is backed by Freightliner's outstanding network of Dealers to provide you with expert service, unmatched parts availability and total customer support.

We provide Glider Kits for ALL Freightliner & Western Star Models.

Get it the way you want it

Don't compromise your productivity with a used truck that may not fit your needs. Spec a Freightliner Glider with the exact configuration and equipment you need for your specific operation. Gliders include the latest design enhancements and are available in day cab or sleeper units with a wide range of options -- all with unsurpassed Freightliner quality.

Extend the useful life of your older equipment

If you currently have an older truck with a robust powertrain but need to update the cab or frame, a Freightliner Glider is the perfect solution. Gliders are a smart business decision for making application conversions, standardizing fleet units and repairing a down unit due to wreck or fire.

Up to 40% Less Than the Cost of a New Truck

Glider Kits give you great savings!

A Freightliner Glider gives you more for your hard-earned money than any other OEM. From the complete cab and chassis, to the value of the components in the loose parts box, to the NEW TRUCK WARRANTY, choosing a Glider provides you with all the benefits of a new truck at a fraction of the cost.

Freightliner Glider Kit

Faster lead time

Thanks to Freightliner's SpecPro software, a Glider can be ordered to your exact specifications, including all required components. And, because it arrives as a complete kit, your Glider can be assembled in less time than a typical in-frame overhaul, which gives you more productive uptime.

Higher Resale Value

Because your Glider comes to you as a new model year truck with a new vehicle identification number (VIN), it retains better resale value than many used units.

Reduce your cost per mile

Get all the advanced engineering, design upgrades, state-of-the-art efficiency and long-lasting reliability of a new truck while lowering your total cost of ownership. Running a Glider means you also save big on maintenance and service costs and reduce profit-killing downtime.

Financing through Daimler Truck financial

Daimler Truck Financial offers financing options for your Glider at or near new truck interest rates, giving you lower monthly payments than a new truck purchase. And, in many cases, the value of the components you supply can be used toward your down payment. Call us for complete financing details and donor vehicle requirements at (800) 453-6967.

MBE Engine, Detroit DD15, Glider Kit

Powered glider Options

Daimler Trucks North America is the only OEM that offers a Glider kit with factory-installed remanufactured engines. When you choose the powered Glider option, you can spec a POWERChoice Detroit Series 60® or MBE 900 or 4000 remanufactured engine for like-new performance, efficiency and reliability. You can also spec a remanufactured engine from the Cummins ReCon® product line.

Popular Engine Preps

Get your Glider delivered ready-to-go for the specific engine you want to drop in. Available engine prep options include factory-installed mounting, plumbing and wiring components to make installing most popular engines faster and easier. You can also choose to add a factory-installed rear axle assembly with an engine prep kit.

Dial back the emissions clock

A Glider may help you meet earlier emission requirements when a pre-EPA 2010 engine is installed. A new Glider that is spec'd with an earlier engine may only be required to meet emission standards that apply to that engine. Call us at
(800) 453-6967 for complete details.

Alternative Fuel Options

A Freightliner Glider is an excellent platform for installing engines that run on compressed natural gas (CNG) in Class 6 and 7 trucks, which can help lower fuel costs and reduce emissions released into the environment.

Everything you need to build a complete truck.

A Freightliner Glider kit is the best value in the market because the glider, loose parts box and your recapitalized parts combined give you all the components required to get up and running quickly. Glider kit contents are important when comparing gliders from other OEMs, because their unassembled Glider Kit pricing may not include all the required components. The cost of additional parts and the labor to install them may add significantly to the total acquisition cost. With a Freightliner glider Kit, assembly labor time is reduced because the Glider assembly and loose parts box are so complete.

Our Warranties are the same as if you were buying a new truck!

Glider Warranty Backed by Freightliner of Hartford

Glider kits are covered by Freightliner's New Truck Warranty, a huge value and ivnestment protection you just don't get with a used truck. Every Freightliner and Western Star Glider comes with comprehensive warranty coverage that includes: Basic Vehicles including 100% parts and labor; Cab Structure; and frame and cross members.

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